Danville Auto & Truck Repair & Towing
Serving Danville, Central Illinois, Indiana & I-74 from Champaign, IL to Crawfordsville IN

Commercial Truck Towing Danville

Carnaghi Towing & Repair is Central Illinois’s leading provider of 24hr car and heavy truck towing, roadside and recovery. We also provide complete heavy truck repair and auto repair at our Danville, IL facility. Delivering quality and affordable repair, towing and hauling services since 1924, we are your source for quality and affordable services. Call 217-446-0333 now to get our unique brand of professional towing services working for you today. We provide towing and roadside assistance 24/7/365.

Carnaghi Towing & Repair specializes in providing immediate car & truck towing and road service, auto repair and heavy truck repair. We also offer heavy load and equipment hauling in central Illinois and Indiana via our fleet of lowboy and Landoll flatbed trucks. We even provide complete oversized load services including complete oversized load permitting. Call our 24hr dispatch center at 217-446-0333 now to have a truck dispatched to your location.

24hr Local Towing Service

Carnaghi Towing is your source professional 24hr towing. We are experienced in loading, towing, and hauling all vehicle makes and models. Whether you drive a common sedan, luxury car, classic or collector vehicle, truck, SUV, or something in between – you name it and we can tow it. With a focus on customer service, we are committed to delivering expert, safe and affordable towing services. Our goal is to get your asset back on the road as quickly as safety will allow. Click or tap below to learn more about our professional towing services.

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24hr Heavy Towing Central IL

Heavy Towing Covington IN

Carnaghi Towing & Repair provides 24hr heavy truck towing throughout Central IL along I-74 from Champaign, IL to Crawfordsville IN, US 136, US 150 & US 41. We offer complete heavy duty towing services including semi-truck towing, work truck towing, bus towing, RV towing and more. Our Heavy Towing Team is committed to fast and affordable heavy truck towing and is prepared to serve you 24/7/365. Call our 24hr dispatch center at 217-446-0333 to have a truck dispatched to your location.

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Heavy Recovery I-74 from Champaign, IL to Crawfordsville IN & Central IL

Heavy Recovery Danville IL

Carnaghi Towing & Repair is the industry leader in Central Illinois truck recovery and incident management. With multiple locations to serve you, we can offer immediate response to anywhere in Central Illinois. Our recovery services include light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicle recovery, large semi rollovers, air cushion recovery, winch outs, rotator service, site remediation and load shifts/load transfers. With Wreckmaster and TRAA certified personnel, we guarantee the highest level of expertise when it comes to the recovery of your cargo, vehicle, or heavy equipment.

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Heavy Truck Repair

Carnaghi Towing & Repair provides expert and affordable 24hr heavy truck repair and heavy truck tire repair in greater Danville & Central Illinois along I-74 from Champaign, IL to Crawfordsville IN, US 136, US 150 & US 41. Our team of certified and experienced mechanics offer reliable commercial truck roadside repair ensuring you the fastest possible return the road.

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Heavy Hauling

Carnaghi Towing & Repair offers complete heavy hauling and heavy trucking services in Danville, Central Illinois and along I-74 from Champaign, IL to Crawfordsville IN, US 136, US 150 & US 41. Our services include heavy equipment hauling, container hauling, tractor hauling, agriculture equipment hauling, construction equipment hauling, and heavy cargo hauling. Call 217-446-0333 to speak to our Heavy Hauling Team about scheduled or immediate hauling services.

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