Danville Auto & Truck Repair & Towing
Serving Danville, Central Illinois and Indiana Along I-74

Carnaghi Towing & Repair provides 24hr heavy duty towing, heavy equipment hauling, auto towing and roadside assistance services in Danville and throughout the area. Delivering quality and affordable repair, towing and hauling services since 1924, Carnaghi Towing & Repair is your source for quality and affordable services. Call 217-446-0333 now to get their unique brand of professional towing services working for you today. They provide towing and roadside assistance 24/7/365.

Carnaghi Towing & Repair specializes in providing immediate car & truck towing and roadservice, auto repair and heavy truck repair. They also offer heavy load and equipment hauling in central Illinois and Indiana. Their fleet of lowboy and Landoll flatbed trucks are equipped to haul every heavy load. They even provide complete oversized load services including complete oversized load permitting. Learn more about their heavy hauling and emergency freight services.

Call our 24hr dispatch center now at 217-446-0333.
We Support All Major Truck Manufacturers Including:


Heavy Duty towing
24hr heavy duty towing in Danville and along the I-74 corridor in Indiana and Illinois. Learn more about their Heavy Duty Towing Service.
Heavy Duty Roadservice
ASE Certified truck mechanics and technicians are ready to deliver heavy roadside repairs including tires, hoses and light truck repair and cargo services including load shifts and transfers.
Truck & Trailer Repair
With a multipule bay truck garage and secure storage area and an extensive truck parts inventory, they are your source for Fast Danville Truck and Trailer repair.
Heavy Duty Hauling
With Lowboy (Drop Deck) and Landall Trailers, Carnaghi offers full service heavy equipment hauling throughout Central IL & IN.
Auto Towing & Roadside
24hr Danville towing and recovery services for all cars and light trucks. Their light towing specials deliver expert towing at excellent value Learn more about their car towing & roadside services.
Auto Repair
Providing expert Danville auto repair for over 90 years, their team of certified mechanics are ready to fix your car ASAP.